Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Takes Friday


Brrr! Boy it is never as tempting to stay at home when it is 23 degrees out. Wasn't it just 80 degrees and piping hot?
Isn't it frustrating how parenting books offer completely different advice? I guess you just have to pick a parenting philosophy and stick with it. I had been using the advice on sleep schedules in Dr. Sears' Baby Book and was shocked/stressed to find that a highly recommended book Happy Child, Healthy Sleep Habits had the complete opposite advice. I guess I will have to find a third option to compare.

My brother is a  Dominican and sent me this  great video of some brothers in Ireland having a snow fight:
It seems like Advent is slipping away this year faster than I can handle. I sometimes find it so hard this busy time of year to manage to find time to slow down and really pray. Is it just me or does Advent seem to fly much faster than Lent?

This is the first year we own a whole house to keep warm and we are trying to save money by not blasting the heat all day. My husband graciously bought me a space heater to keep warm (I am perpetually freezing) but it is too bad it does oscillate like a fan because I am always running back and forth like a mad woman trying to adjust it to where I am in the house.

I am braving a trip to the mall today for a change of scenery and some errands. Wish me luck!

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