Friday, December 17, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Blogging? What's that? Oh right I have a blog. I almost forgot. ;)

Check out this cute video I found via a friend on Facebook:

I was completely floored last week when I took my 7 mo. daughter to the doctor's office for a flu shot. The nurse must have been very talented because she didn't cry one tear when she got the shot! Let's hope we get this nurse again!


I must have sent the wrong message when I talked to the Jehovah's Witnesses the first time around because they keep coming by. It is hard for me to strike the right chord between being nice (not telling them I am not interested) and being rude (slamming the door in their face). Last time they came I just didn't answer the door.

I have mentioned this before but I love, love, love the book Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe. If you are looking for Christian spiritual reading, I highly recommend it.

I have been stressed about trying to "fix" my daughter's sleep patterns, but after talking to several moms about it, I feel better. One big lesson I learned is not to tackle a parenting advice tome while sleep deprived.

We got our first real snow yesterday and I love how everything is covered in a beautiful layer of white. I might feel differently later when I have to get in the freezing car and drive around.

Have a great weekend!

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