Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Takes Friday


I have something embarrassing to admit: I picked up one of those Amish romance novels in the library last week. I was in the mood for some light romance, but didn't want anything trashy and I thought it would be a good compromise. The verdict: not so great. 

I was really touched by the story of this businessman who was about to go bankrupt (and in the process bankrupt his parents and siblings) but had a conversion experience that turned his whole life around. It really shows the power of prayer! You can listen to the story on his website (click on "history of KCI")

Have you ever had one of those mind-numbingly exhausting weeks? This was one for me. My brain is barely working.

I am getting ready to start solids with my daughter and am a little nervous. There seems to be conflicting information about what foods are best to start with. I found this post on the topic by Mrs. T to be helpful.

Is it mid-October already? Weather permitting, I can get out of the house to work on  my side project soon before winter comes.

I learned the hard way (read: baby screaming all night) that broccoli is not a great thing for this nursing mom to eat. Too much information? I blame #4. Have a great weekend!

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