Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Love You [Wo]man?

"I Love You, Man" = Classic "bromance"
These days I feel like I am in my own girl version of  "I Love You, Man". If you haven't seen the film (I don't wholeheartedly recommend it, but it has its moments) it is about a groom (Paul Rudd) who realizes he doesn't have any guy friends he would want to be his best man. With the help of his fiance he then begins to "court" a number of potential guy friends.  In my version of the story, a stay-at-home mom who has recently moved to a new city where she knows hardly anyone thirsts for any adult conversation  seeks someone to chat with during the work hours of the day. On the occasional outing outside of my "hermitage", I look around at the moms at the park or in the grocery store and think of ways to strike up a conversation. What I come up with in my head usually sounds like a pretty lame pick up line:
"Do you come here often? Wow, that is a really nice stroller"

"Cool carseat. Is that heavy?"

or (even scarier)

"Isn't it nice out I wore pants today because I thought it might rain and the weather report said it will be cooler later and are those running shoes I have wanted to find a new pair since my old ones don't fit after the pregnancy and I saw some cute ones at DFW but they were expensive and I couldn't find my color and do you live nearby we just moved and live in that neighborhood and where do you do your grocery shopping...etc" (in other words all the unspoken thoughts I've had pent up all day)

I'll let you know how my inevitable attack on some poor woman goes my version of the story ends.

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