Monday, January 10, 2011

Movie Queue Monday: "Boomtown"

I recently discovered this (sadly) short-lived series through Netflix and was really impressed. Yes, it is a crime show, but "Boomtown" blows every other crime show I have ever seen right out of the water. Rather than the formulaic tendencies of, say "Law and Order", "Boomtown" centers each episode on an event seen through the different perspectives of the media, law enforcement, the district attorney, paramedics, and even the criminals and victims. The writing is truly fantastic and I found myself sympathizing in some way with each character even as their very serious flaws were revealed.  Unlike most gritty portrayals of law enforcement that are dark and depressing, "Boomtown's" themes of redemption, courage, and loyalty counterbalanced the serious problems dealt with throughout the season.
Another reason I think I liked this show so much was the performance of Donnie Wahlberg (brother of Mark Wahlberg) who plays a police detective struggling with a troubled marriage. I loved his portrayal of Colonel Lipton in "Band of Brothers" (another series I recommend) and he doesn't disappoint here either.

This being said, I only saw season one of "Boomtown" and I read online that the second season is dramatically different and disappointing. Also, this is not a show for kids, and the show has mild violence, partial nudity, references to prostitution, and a extra-marital affair. I would rate it PG-13. 

If you like mysteries, I definitely recommend "Boomtown". Five stars.

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