Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick Takes Friday


I saw this film at a screening at the John Paul II Institute a couple of years ago and am still haunted by it (in a good way).  They are still trying to find a distribution company, so it hasn't hit the theaters yet, but if you have the chance, go to one of the screenings!

I have kind of a weird pet peeve: outdated, poorly organized parish websites. Call it a hobby, an obsession, or an interest, but I often find myself cruising the net, looking around at different local church's websites searching for the perfect mass schedule/parking situation/confession time. I think there should be a universal law stating that the mass times have to be front and center on the homepage. I don't know how much time I have spent trying to guess if they have hidden the mass schedule under "Sacraments", "Liturgy", "Community Information" or "Worship".

I am absolutely in love with the malai kofta and chicken tikka masala at Masala Wok.  They recently opened two restaurants in my area, but it too far to drive so I am trying to master some Indian cooking at home. The store bought curry sauces are too bitter for my taste and I am intimidated by the long lists of spices called for in most Indian recipes. Does anyone know of a simple/delicious curry sauce recipe?

I realized after I had my daughter that I don't remember the words to many of the songs and nursery rhymes I grew up with. I start singing "Little Bunny Fou Fou" and end up halfway through with a combination of "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" and "Deck the Halls". I watched this video to refresh my memory—but what the heck is a goon and what is with that fairy?

I am about to tear my hair out from frustration at all the solicitors we seem to be getting. They knock at all hours (last week one came at 9:00 PM) which sets off the dog, which wakes the baby. We are looking into getting a "no soliciting" decal to hang in the window, but I am not totally convinced this would stop them. Maybe a "Baby Sleeping" sign would be better?

My husband is dying to get an iPad. We are both Apple lovers, but I am not sold yet. Is it really worth the $500?

Have a great three day weekend!

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