Friday, October 1, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

I knew my sleeping habits would be different as a mom, but I didn't quite envision being woken to tiny hands squeezing my lips at 4:30 am. 

I took a lot of Catholic theology classes in college, but Bethany Hudson at Apple Cider Mill has one of the clearest explanations of the Catholic position on salvation I have ever read.

Reading Quo Vadis has reminded me how fascinating the Ancient Roman Empire was and how remarkably advanced they were. For example, Emperor Nero had a revolving banquet hall.

I have been watching The Good Wife on Netflix and it is really good so far. I don't usually go for court room dramas (they sometimes get to be predictable), but I like Julianna Marguiles so I thought I would give it a try. I wasn't disappointed! Archie Panjabi (you may recognize her as the older sister from Bend it Like Beckham) is a powerhouse as the sidekick research assistant.

I know it is stereotypical, but there is something about being a housewife that makes me want to bake. The problem with baking is I am the only one at home to eat the goodies. Good thing I have Ellen Barrett to counteract some of the calorie intake.

Speaking of workouts, I have been gradually incorporating this really challenging (for me at least) ballet workout. The only problem is that I can barely walk the next day.


Oktoberfest season is here. Let's raise a stein to the beginning of fall!


  1. #1--My favorite wakeup memory is one morning I was sleeping facing the edge of the bed, and I was awakened by a touch on my nose. Not my face, one finger on my nose. :)