Friday, September 17, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

This movie looks epic; I can't wait! It is written and directed by Roland Joffe, the same guy who directed The Mission.

    I never knew how much fun having kids would be before I was a parent.  Just when I thought my daughter couldn't get any cuter, she does something else that is amazing. Her recent feat: giggling hysterically at the dog while simultaneously gnawing on both thumbs.

    Speaking of the dog, he makes Marley (from Marley and Me ) look like a saint. In his first year as our pet he managed to rack up quite a substantial series of vet bills when he a) ate a whole pack of sugarless gum (which apparently is poisonous to dogs) b) bit the neighbor's dog twice c) tore apart a plastic toy which required a tooth extraction. This isn't even touching on the number of times he has thrown up, drooled on, or scratched various objects in our house. No wonder our daughter finds him so amusing. Update: After writing this, my husband and I had to trek out into the neighbor's yard in the pouring rain to coax the dog out of some bushes were he was feasting on something that will most likely make him vomit on my clean floors.

    If you are a Netflix nerd like me, you might be interested in I guess it is the librarian in me, but I am constantly lamenting the inefficient way movies are organized in Netflix (don't get me started). This site allows you to search Netflix's streaming titles by Rotten Tomato "freshness" or by New York Time critic reviews and it might help you find titles you might not have found otherwise.

    Why didn't anyone warn me of the terrors of post-natal hair loss?   I almost shriek everytime I see a huge clump of my hair come out in the shower. My husband actually asked me if I was going to get Rogaine for women. No dear, hopefully it won't come to that.

    No thank you, Jillian Michaels. I do not want to pretend I am in boot camp. Instead, I will work out with my friend Ellen Barrett who makes me feel feminine and graceful. 


    The weather is finally getting cooler and I thought I would celebrate the herald of fall by trying the famous Starbucks pumpkin spice latte everyone seems to be talking about. The verdict: yuck! Is this something people really like or is it a marketing scheme from Starbucks?


    1. #2: I am totally with you there! That sounds VERY cute. :)

    2. I agree with #6!! I tried one of her videos after my 6 week postpartum check-up and just about died! I wanted something a little more intense than Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds, but Jillian Michael's was just too much! Pilates are more on my level :) ... I like the pumpkin spice syrup from Starbucks in coffee or iced coffee- perhaps you'd like it better that way? (and its about half the price of a latte!!).

    3. Your daughter sounds so cute! I'm looking forward to that ... someday. :)

      I too have been hearing SO much about pumpkin spice lattes! I had one the other day at Peet's and it was ... okay. I don't usually go out of my way to get coffee drinks. I do love the peppermint mochas at Starbucks though, but maybe it's just because they scream CHRISTMAS to me, which I adore, so I love the tradition and nostalgia more than the taste.

      With you on Jillian Michaels! She totally intimidates me!

      Glad I found your blog :) As a writer who works from home, I too am something of a hermit!